With a variety of high-tech machines AVK Tooling A/S is a modern machine park, which enables us to master a wide range of processes, including; CNC turning, milling, grinding, friction welding, induction hardening and surface treatment, such as ultrasonic cleaning and sandblasting.

We can verify our quality by surveying in 3 coordinate measuring machine, leakage test and purity test; also we have the ability to collect measurement data using modern SPC equipment.

The width of the machine power is a great benefit to the many customers who expect complete solutions and who want a skilled partner for all processes. At AVK Tooling A/S we have great experience and can offer the complete solution, where we are responsible for raw goods, processing, surface treatment and assembly and documentation.

AVK Tooling A/S production range is available in small to medium series. We specialize in complex tasks, but we also manage to keep cost down on more simple processes, this is achieved by a high level og automation and by using our subsidiary in Poland.